A new solution to your bed bug problem

Radiant Solutions is a leading heat-based bed bug extermination company in the San Francisco Bay area. We combine a modern approach with years of experience to make your bed bug problems go away immediately and stay away.


Sleep tight and we’ll do the rest
You should feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Don’t let bed bugs undermine the very feelings that make home feel like home. Our heat treatment will minimize the time you spend out of your home and protect you from potentially harmful chemicals that some other methods employ. You’ll rest easy with the knowledge that we’ve removed bed bugs in all stages of life, protecting you from an immediate recurrence of your problem.


Don’t let an infestation ruin your reputation
Our heat-based bed bug removal system lets us eliminate your bed bug problem faster than any other method, allowing you to get back to business ASAP, minimizing costly downtime and protecting your hard-won reputation. By eliminating bed bug eggs as well as all other life stages, heat will end this infestation for good. And for protection against new bed bugs introduced by your customers, we can add EPA-approved insecticides in targeted crack and crevice or spot applications.

Bed bugs can’t take the heat

Neither bed bugs nor their eggs can survive in environments in excess of 122°F. A Radiant Solutions heat treatment utilizes electric heaters (powered completely by our mobile generator) to raise ambient room temperatures up to 135°F. This heat treatment will kill bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle without damaging your personal belongings or setting off sprinklers.

Why use Radiant Solutions?
We’re safe, fast, and simple.

Our cutting-edge heat-based system of bed bug extermination can kill every bed bug in every stage of life. Other methods like traps and sprays won’t always get every critter and may remove only your adult bed bugs, leaving their eggs to hatch weeks later, reigniting your infestation.

Our heat treatment will also cause no harm to you, your family, your pets, or clients. (Just make sure everyone’s out of the area to be treated before we turn the heat on!)

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