Don’t let an infestation ruin your reputation

A bed bug infestation can be expensive. In addition to the cost of extermination, downtime results in lost revenue, and a lengthy infestation can damage your reputation as a business. Our heat-based bed bug removal method will help mitigate all of these costs.

One upside of heat-based bed bug removal is that it kills bed bugs in all stages of life. You pay for it once, and all of the critters are gone. Some methods only kill adult bed bugs, leaving the eggs to hatch and reignite your infestation two weeks later. Needless to say, this is less than ideal, and leaves you paying for treatment after treatment. Our method works the first time and can knock out every last bug.
Another huge benefit of our method is speed. We pump heat through your entire space, finding the bed bugs where they hide. There’s no need to wait for them to stumble into a trap or wait for a chemical to work on them. We leave the heat on long enough and hot enough to kill bed bugs in all stages of life, but this process takes just hours, not days or weeks. You’ll be up and running with your business as fast as possible.

The speed and thoroughness of our heat treatment will protect your reputation, minimizing the damage an infestation can do. The whole process will be safe for you, your building, and your clients, as well as being environmentally friendly. If you wish, we can also apply insecticides that provide lasting residual protection. We use only EPA-approved products, always sparingly and in targeted crack and crevice or spot applications.

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