Sleep tight and we’ll do the rest

Radiant Solutions wants you to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. We know that a bed bug infestation can undermine the very feelings that make home feel like home. Just the thought of bed bugs can make it hard to sleep well at night. It’s our mission to ensure that you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that every last creepy crawly critter is gone.
Our heat treatment will:

  • Kill the bed bugs in your house, in any of the bugs’ seven stages of their lifecycle
  • Be completely safe for you, your family, your pets, your house, and your belongings
  • Let you get back into your house on the same day we do the treatment

Heat leaves no residue and can treat everything in your house, not just targeted areas. The heat will permeate all the crevices of the treated room(s), eliminating your unwanted guests.
Best of all, the heat will also treat the furniture in your home. Our powerful heaters will raise the temperature of your entire home up to 135°F, eliminating bed bugs from furniture, blankets, and everything else. With the heat so high, they’ll have nowhere to hide.

Not only is heat safe and thorough, but it’s also fast. Our heat treatment will minimize the time you spend out of your home and protect you from potentially harmful chemicals that some other methods employ. You’ll be cooking in your own kitchen, relaxing on your own couch, and sleeping in your own bed before you know it.

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